The Excellence of Tradition

In the heart of the culinary world of Trattoria La Darsena, Andrea and Ayoub work their magic: their kitchen is a realm where the abundant catch of the day transforms into extraordinary dishes.

With a decade-long journey in the field of luxury dining despite their young age, both Chefs have been part of Brigata La Darsena since 2022, bringing both experience and a spirit of experimentation.

For Andrea, a native of Viareggio, it was a homecoming, as he closely collaborated with the previous executive chef Michela Barsotti in the early years of his career.


Created by the chefs every day based on the catch of the day and the seasonality of the ingredients, our appetizers are an explosion of flavors. Among the must-try dishes, you will find some signature dishes that stand out for their uniqueness, such as red mullet in orange sauce and fried crab ball on a bed of caramelized onions.


Crudités are the central element of our menu offering: the selection of French oysters, scampi and Viareggio prawns, purple Santa Margherita Ligure shrimp, and the Mazzara Red Prawn represent the daily refinement of the best raw materials available in the market. This section of the menu is a true distinctive feature of La Darsena, where guests can compose their own tasting experience as they desire, embracing the purest essence of our seas.

First Courses

The creativity and talent of Andrea and Ayoub blend with tradition, giving life to a variety of dishes that reflect the philosophy of the restaurant. Spaghetti with clams, lobster, smoked spaghetti, king crab ravioli are just a few of the dishes the chefs offer. The selection of the finest types of strictly Italian pasta, as well as risotto, forms the foundation for enhancing the iconic dish of Italian cuisine in its various interpretations.

La Catalana

What is for us an timeless dish of tradition and the most vibrant expression of the world of crustaceans. Our Catalana features local lobsters, scampi, various types of shrimp, and, when in season, King Crab and Batti Batti. The guest can create their own personal Catalana, exploring different textures and sensations that the various crustaceans offer to the palate.

The Best of Our Catch

La Darsena in Viareggio is one of the destinations for the catch from our sea. Our baked fish (or salt-crusted fish) is one of those culinary experiences that you shouldn't miss. Our selection of baked fish changes daily, based on the availability of the catch.