A continuous search.

There are countless ways to describe it, but none of them can express the emotion of tasting it and making it your own.

All our passion

These words perfectly describe the Wine List of La Darsena Restaurant in Viareggio, a treasure of over 200 carefully selected labels. This rich selection is the result of a search started out of passion and turned into work, thanks to the dedication of Director Giannini and his son Marco, a great wine enthusiast.

Our Proposal

The great Italian whites, coming from every region of Italy, take the lead, but there is also room for the great French Maisons, small Italian farmers, and much more. Bubbles, especially Champagne, are the perfect accompaniment to a good plate of crudités, but for those who want to venture into unusual pairings or taste the great Italian reds, there is the excitement of exploring the different labels available. The meticulous care of Iuri and Marco in managing the Cellar makes the Wine List of Trattoria La Darsena a unique experience for every wine lover.